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To my Secret♥Santa

In case my Secret Santa doesn't know me or any of my friends, I realized my LJ is probably not the best to give hints for my likes and what I'm all about (except for writing and old personal woes). So here's a small list of what I like most ^^

- Chacha ♥
- Ju-ken ♥
- G and everyone he's worked in a band with in the past five years
- cats (Hello Kitty is included!)
- the color pink (I love leopard print too but no clothes in that for me, don't suit me *sniff*)
- sparkles (the more the better!)
- anything delish :9

I'm mainly a fan of G/YFC, VAMPS, Acid Black Cherry, fade and Adam Lambert.

I think that covers a lot. Hope this helps if there's a lack of inspiration! ^o^)/

EDIT: I'm highly interested in all kinds of nail art, just can't find proper things here to try more than nailpolish myself... Hint, hint. Haha XD ♥


LJ theme: CHANGED!

I happened to edit some of my LJ settings today and thought why the heck not change the theme as well. I had the last one since I joined LJ at the end of 2008, so...........

Not completely happy with this theme but it's the best one I found. Let's see how many years I'll bear to look at it.





Writer's block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

I'm a collector by soul, it seems...

In the past, I have collected
- postage stamps
- bottle caps
- GoGos (the dice-like game figures)
- stickers
- Beyblades/tops
- Pokémon cards (not the play cards)
- Pokéballs and figures
and probably more things I've just forgotten about by now.

Currently, I collect
- manga
- euro coins
- CDs, DVDs, magazines that include my favorite Japanese idols.

I could say the reason behind pretty much every collection is "because others do it too", I just took it more seriously than them... Beyblade and Pokémon collections were inspired by being in the fandom though. And about my current collections, the reason to begin was curiosity. That, and the plain want to get a hold of things, has kept me collecting to this day.


I haz a sad =(

Why's that, you ask?

It's because I noticed that the Japanese band D will be performing in Helsinki this Sunday, they have their last tour stop of their VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe ~Path of the Rose~ tour. One ticket's 30e and the bus trip a bit over 20e back and forth for me, so it's a wee bit pricey.

But it's not the price that's keeping me from going.

It's the fact that I just listened to the songs of their VAMPIRE SAGA album that I could find on youtube, and despite my want to support those Japanese artists and bands who are a bit on the unknown side and are coming to Finland, I found that I liked their looks more than their music. That feels like a horrible betrayal to music to me, since it's BOTH the music and the performers I want to enjoy in the lives I go to.

By "enjoying performers", btw, I mean a) enjoying watching and listening to them play, b) enjoying watching them co-operate/goof off/joke about/give possible fanservice/etc. on stage, and as the last thing, c) enjoying their looks EVEN IF they weren't visual kei. Looks doesn't matter if the music one makes gets me hyped, it's just an additional plus to the entire show.

The best song on the album in my opinion is the song In The Name Of Justice. However, it gets a bit boring after the first one or two listenings as well, so even though I'm sure D will put on a great show, I'm not giving up on my 50+ euros for them. =(


Brainmelt of the next couple of weeks


Buh-bye money...

Went grad dress hunting again today (and fetched my Fantasy Games manga order). AND ASDFGHJKLPOIUYTREWQZXCVM WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYY MUST I BE SO BIG? T___________T

I saw this BEAUTIFUL halterneck dress that had white background with painted light violet and pink here and there, not in floral patterns though, although the shapes resembled them. The fabric wasn't satin I think, but something like it... The breast parts had been sewed crumpled in straight vertical lines and then there was a... damn the word for being purple in English... not violet, but a dark pink-ish coloured wide "belt" that had been sewed the same way but horizontally (it was completely attached to the dress though so it was just a detail, not a real belt). And the hem just flowed so prettily...

AND OF COURSE MY SIZE HAS NEVER EVEN EXISTED WITH THAT DRESS, I asked a clerk to check if they had one size larger for me but the computer told her that no, they didn't T_____T I haz a SAD, it was PRETTEH!

So I bought two completely black dresses from two different stores, seeing as black ones were the only ones that fit me ok and didn't look ridiculous... (Yes I tried one completely pink one and one floral one and who remembers what more. They looked NU-UH on me...)

This one's from Halonen, where I saw that halterneck:

[photo to be included shortly]

And the other dress is from a small-ish boutique located 50 meters away by the same road. It was pretty much by accident that I glanced at its window when I was making my way to Halonen from Fantasy Games and saw the "NEW [EVENING/GALA] DRESSES OF SIZES 32-50 NOW ON SALE" sign, I don't really look at shop windows that much when I'm headed somewhere...

After the halterneck at Halonen didn't fit (it was the last of about seven dresses that I tried on) I grabbed the dress you have a photo of above, and then a pretty traditional short-ish black graduation dress that had about 10-15 glass diamonds in a vertical line in between the breasts, and a scarf. Then I asked the clerk if they could hold them for me for today and for certain they could, so I headed to the boutique to see if they had something to make up for the halterneck.

And you know what? After having the halterneck not fit my chest at all, THIS BLACK DRESS FROM THE LITTLE BOUTIQUE FIT ME PERFECTLY EVERYWHERE. The clerk couldn't stop wondering about that aloud, as usually there are at least some small bits to take in and so on. But the only changes I'm having them do to it is sewing some glass diamonds and such on it, otherwise it would be too simple and plain (in my opinion, and that's what counts right?). It's kind of long for an upper secondary graduation dress though, but that's okay since I can use it elsewhere after graduation, and I like my dresses longer than knee-lenght anyway. It's about to the middle of my shin, traditional grad dresses can be as short as mid-thigh in some cases, usually they bare the knees at least.

I'll add a photo of it later on when I have it home~~~

So I headed back to Halonen and bought the scarf for the boutique dress, took the dress you have a photo of above, and ditched the traditional grad dress.

Pretty happy now, it's just... I spent so much money today in manga, clothes, bus trips, food and rent that it almost hurts x.x BUT I RECEIVED ACID BLACK CHERRY'S RECREATION 1 ALBUM AND JANNE DA ARC'S JOKER ALBUM TODAY TOO SO I HAZ A HAPPEH! ^______^



I haz Twittah!

Err, yeah. Got a Twitter account now that Noa did too... Anyone else got one?




Originally posted by lavenderfrost at ...WTF.
Well, there goes my good mood for the day.

NYTimes, the bastion of quality reporting, reported on the gang-rape of an 11 year-old girl in Texas  that's led to charges against 18 high-school boys so far - all well and good so far, right?  Shit like this NEEDS publicity to raise awareness. 

Only problem is, they repeated - without refutation or critical commentary - the claims that the girl brought the rape on herself because of the way she was dressed.

Choice Quotes (No cut b/c everyone needs to see this - DEAL.):

“It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.”  As opposed to the victim, who's gonna bounce back lickety-fucking-split, right?

Residents in the neighborhood where the abandoned trailer stands — known as the Quarters — said the victim had been visiting various friends there for months. They said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground, some said.  TOTALLY BEGGING FOR IT.


Now, what's being said and done in this community is bad enough, but the NY Times should be fucking ashamed of themselves right now.

Here's how to contact NYT: )